All About Poodles

The poodle is perhaps one of the better-known dog breeds. After all, they consistently win at many of the larger dog shows so they get a lot of airtime when it comes to standing in the winner’s circle. Aside from the fact that they can obviously be trained quite easily and are highly intelligent, they… Continue reading All About Poodles

All About Beagles

Beagles can be a very nice companion for a family, regardless of whether there are children or not. They tend to be a rather active dog, so they are nice for families that are active as well. Some caution needs to be considered, however, because they do tend to be rather stubborn but with the… Continue reading All About Beagles

All About Bulldogs

The bulldog is a rather popular breed and most people have them as a companion dog, as they are well suited for that purpose. Originally, however, bulldogs were used for different reasons other than companionship. Some of them were bred to drive cattle and others to compete in bullbaiting, a rather barbaric sport. They are… Continue reading All About Bulldogs

All About Boxers

Many breeds of dogs are used as companion animals but their origins were quite different. That is the case with boxers, who were originally bred to be a guard dog that is of a medium size. They were well-suited for that purpose but today, they are actually part of the working group of animals. Although… Continue reading All About Boxers