All About Poodles

The poodle is perhaps one of the better-known dog breeds. After all, they consistently win at many of the larger dog shows so they get a lot of airtime when it comes to standing in the winner’s circle. Aside from the fact that they can obviously be trained quite easily and are highly intelligent, they also make wonderful family dogs as well. When you have a poodle in your family, you will find that they are multi-talented and quite affectionate.

Although poodles are typically found in the home today, they were originally bred for the purpose of hunting waterfowl. Although it is not fully known, it is thought that they were developed in Germany and eventually were taken to France for further breeding. The breed as we know it today could be a combination of many different types of dogs, including French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian water dogs. They may also have the North African barbet as an ancestor, but it is not fully known where they came from. The standard poodle is a very old dog breed and it wasn’t long after they were bred that the toy and miniature poodles began to show on the scene.

Poodles tend to be a rather loving family dog and they are one of the more intelligent breeds as well. When you have a poodle, you may also recognize that they think rather highly of themselves and it is easy to spot the air of distinction that they tend to display. When the poodle is taught proper manners and trained well, it is their intelligence that will show through. You also see their affection as a family dog quite easily.

If you are buying a poodle, it is important to find a quality breeder that is keyed in on the potential health issues of the animal. Those health issues could include Addison’s disease, which affects the adrenal glands in the dog. They may also be prone to epileptic seizures, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia and problems with the optic nerve. These issues are not going to occur in all poodles, but checking the breeder can help to rule out the potential for the problems.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small dog; poodles will likely fit right into the family structure. They do need a considerable amount of exercise, however, and will enjoy a daily run or walk around the block. Since poodles are highly intelligent, you need to be cautious that you don’t teach your dog bad habits along with teaching them good ones. Training them properly is the key to having a poodle that will be a lifelong companion that is well mannered and enjoyable to have around.

The poodle is an older dog breed but it is one that certainly can make a nice part of any family. They can fit into any household, regardless of the size or the number of children and other animals that are already there. When you have a poodle in your family, you really have something special.

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