All About Rottweilers

Like many breeds of dogs, Rottweilers can make a great part of any family but they were originally bred to be a family dog. At first, they were bred in order to drive cattle to the market and in later times, they were used by butchers for pulling carts. They then began to be used as police dogs as well as for use in the military, something that is still done down to this day. When they are part of a family, they can be a loyal friend that is rather protective when necessary.

The history of the Rottweiler is quite interesting. The Molossus, which was a dog similar to a mastiff, was used by the Romans for driving cattle as they were conquering the world. As they traveled, these dogs mated with other dogs along the way and new breeds were established. This also happened in southern Germany and eventually, the breed came to be known as a Rottweiler. They continued to change and develop over the centuries until they are what we know today.

Most Rottweilers can be a good part of the family but it does take some time for them to work their way in to the family unit. They tend to be courageous and confident and they are also calm, until they are called on to act otherwise. One of the problems with Rottweilers is the fact that they can be aggressive when they are protecting the family so it is important have proper training. Rottweilers are intelligent and strong.

One of the biggest problems that can occur with Rottweilers is hip dysplasia, which is a genetic condition. It could cause a dog to be lame or to have pain in one or both of the rear legs. Testing for hip dysplasia is possible and you can determine if the dog is free of the problem. Other issues can include bloating, bone cancer and heart problems. Allergies may also be an issue and if you see any tendencies toward allergies, you should discover why it is a problem and avoid it.

Rottweilers can be a welcome part of the family but they should live with the family if that is the case. When Rottweilers are left on their own, tied up outside or left outdoors for extended amounts of time, they tend to get aggressive and perhaps even destructive. Rottweilers are fairly inactive and they can fit in, even in a relatively small home. It is important to train the dog in basic obedience and then ongoing training program can help keep the dog active and happy. You will find that their intelligence works along well with the training program.

Rottweilers are a very special kind of dog and it is one that could fit in well with any family, provided they are willing to work with the dog in the proper way. This is a decision that is going to depend upon every individual but you will find that Rottweilers are intelligent and compassionate when they are part of the right family.

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