All About Bulldogs

The bulldog is a rather popular breed and most people have them as a companion dog, as they are well suited for that purpose. Originally, however, bulldogs were used for different reasons other than companionship. Some of them were bred to drive cattle and others to compete in bullbaiting, a rather barbaric sport. They are not typically used for those purposes today but they certainly can make a wonderful addition to any family.

When you take a look at the bulldog that most of us are familiar with today, they are certainly different than the ancestors where they came from. Originally, they were bred in England and it stretches back to the 1500s. At the time, they were used for bullbaiting, as it was thought to tenderize the meat of the bull. This exercise was also a rather popular sport that was enjoyed by many people in the area. After the sport was outlawed in the early 1800s, they began to be used as a companion dog and fit in rather well to their new role.

If you are looking for a family dog that is social and has a nice personality, the bulldog is going to fit in quite well. That doesn’t mean, however, that they aren’t ready to spring into action and they can be a rather good watchdog that is ready to defend the family when things go wrong. More than likely, however, you will find the bulldog either napping on the couch or trying to get some attention from members of the family.

There are a variety of health issues that may be associated with bulldogs, although it is not necessarily true that they will have the problem. Testing the parents can help to rule out many of the problems. Some of the issues that they have are associated with their eyes, including dry eye and cherry eye. They may also experience a problem known as inverted sneezing. This isn’t necessarily a health issue and calming the dog can help to reduce the problem when they experience it.

Most bulldogs tend to lie around for the most part and they don’t need a lot of exercise in order to be happy. You should be cautious about their weight, however, because they could quickly pack on the pounds if they are being fed too much and don’t get any exercise at all. You should also be cautious about having your dog outside if the temperatures are either extremely cold or hot. In fact, having them outside in the extreme heat could prove to be fatal within 30 minutes in some cases. You can train a bulldog but they don’t tend to be the most trainable breed.

Bulldogs make a wonderful family pet and they can be a companion that simply lies around and is there for you when you need a companion. As long as they are fed properly and you pay attention to their health, they can be a part of your family in a wonderful way.

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