All About Beagles

Beagles can be a very nice companion for a family, regardless of whether there are children or not. They tend to be a rather active dog, so they are nice for families that are active as well. Some caution needs to be considered, however, because they do tend to be rather stubborn but with the proper training, they can be a great dog to have around. They are bred for their nose and were originally used for hunting rabbits but today, they are more often seen in the home.

It is not really clear where beagles come from but it is thought that they may have been around well over 2000 years ago. Of course, the breed from back then was likely quite different than what we see today, as today’s beagle was not really bred until the 1800s. Although the modern breed of people may be somewhat new to the scene, they certainly have integrated themselves into our lives.

Beagles tend to make a nice family pet because they have a sweet disposition. They also tend to be gentle dogs, especially when they are dealing with younger children. One of the things that many people appreciate about the breed is the fact that they are rather funny and their antics can keep you in stitches most of the time. From time to time, however, they do tend to get into some mischief but when you balance things out; you might find that they are one of the better breeds for the family.

Health problems can be an issue with some beagles, and one of the more common issues is with the spinal discs. This issue typically shows in the form of intervertebral disc disease, and the damage that is done because of the compression can cause lifelong issues with a beagle. Other problems include hip dysplasia, glaucoma and cherry eye. In addition, beagles may suffer from hypothyroidism and they could be prone to epileptic seizures. Being choosy when you get a beagle can help to limit these issues but if you do see anything in the dog, it is good to get the assistance of a veterinarian.

If there is one thing that is true about all beagles, it’s the fact that they love to roam. In fact, you may find that you are having difficulty keeping them confined and they might bolt at the door or run out of the gate, anytime it is open. Having a good fence is a must unless you are in an area where they can run safely. You might also find that an ongoing program of obedience training is important to keep beagles happy and satisfied.

There is no doubt that beagles can be difficult at times but all in all, they are a companion that is well worth looking into. Younger beagles have a lot of energy, and older beagles may want to wander as well but when they are by your side, it is a good thing.

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