All About Doberman Pinschers

There are certain dog breeds that can fit in well in many different types of situations. That is the case with the Doberman pinscher, which is one of the more popular dog breeds in the United States. Doberman pinschers came about in the 19th century but the exact ancestry of the dog is not fully known. What is known is that they can make an excellent guard dog and family companion. They also work quite well in a police or military role because of their high level of intelligence and high energy levels.

A man by the name of Louis Doberman was a tax collector in Germany in the late 19th century. It was dangerous to collect money, so he wanted a companion that would protect him on his route. As it turns out, he was also the town dogcatcher so he began breeding dogs to provide companionship and protection. It resulted in the Doberman pinscher breed. It is not fully know what breeds were included to make the Doberman but it is thought that it might be the German pinscher, Rottweiler and the black and tan terrier. They were recognized by the German kennel club in 1900.

Doberman pinschers tend to be very active and highly intelligent. As a member of the family, they are also highly trustworthy, loyal and playful. They are typically good with every member of the family but when they are called on to protect, they will do so without fear or hesitation. Because of their intelligence, they can be trained easily but you may want to continue the training for the rest of their life. Training and socialization can affect their temperament, so it is important to consider these factors.

Dobermans may face a number of different health issues, including hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, albinism and wobbler syndrome. Most Dobermans are fairly healthy but if you are buying a puppy, be sure that you look into the family line and choose a good breeder. This, along with ongoing visits to the veterinarian, can make a difference in the health and longevity of the dog.

A Doberman pinscher can be a welcome part in any home but it is always best to live in an area where they can run freely. If they do not have a yard where they can exercise daily, some daily play or a walk around the block is always going to be a good idea. You should be cautious about the protective nature of this dog, because they will protect their area so keep them on the lead if they are not inside of a secured environment. Regular training should be a part of their life, and it can both benefit them and their owners.

Doberman pinschers are not for everyone but if you are willing to train the animal and give it plenty of exercise and attention, they can be a welcome part of the family. They are a loyal companion that will defend you to their last breath.

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