All About Great Danes

If you are looking for a dog that is larger-than-life, you may want to look to the largest dog breed, the Great Dane. They have sometimes been referred to as the “Apollo of dogs” and that seems to fit them for many reasons. Not only are they a large breed, they also can have a large personality as well. That being said, the Great Dane sometimes has a bark that is worse than his bite, and they may be large, but they are good-natured.

As one of the oldest dog breeds in existence, dogs that appear to be similar to Great Danes have been found in artifacts that date back to 3000 BC. It is not fully know where the breed comes from, but they may have originated in Tibet. The Assyrians took them to various parts of the world and they were traded with other dogs belonging to the Romans and the Greeks. It was at that time that they were bred with other dogs, including the English mastiff and eventually became the breed that we are familiar with today.

Although the size of the Great Dane may be somewhat imposing, they tend to have a rather gentle personality and are affectionate to all members of the family, including small children. They are a dog that wants to please their owners, so training tends to be relatively easy. Like many dogs, Great Danes want to be around the other members of their family and they are usually friendly to visitors, but they can be protective if they feel it is warranted.

Health problems may be an issue with some Great Danes and at times, it could even be a problem with the owner. Great Danes grow very quickly and as a result, they need to be fed a specialized diet. If the dog eats a diet that is lacking in some way or another, they may experience developmental issues that could be a problem for the rest of their life. Other issues that may be a problem for Great Danes include heart disease, bone cancer and hip dysplasia.

If you have a home that is large enough for it, you may find that a Great Dane makes an excellent house dog. If they are kept in a smaller area, they will do well but you may find that things are getting knocked over quite frequently. The Great Dane should be exercised on a daily basis, and they may need up to 60 minutes of exercise in some cases. This helps to keep them satisfied and mellow when they are in the home, which is something that any Great Dane over would appreciate. Be careful about taking your Great Dane on a run when they are too young, because their bones are still developing.

Great Danes may be a large dog but they are an excellent choice for the family. If they are trained properly and exercised daily, you will find that they are a companion unlike any other.

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