All About Dachshunds

Dachshunds are a very popular breed of dog and they are also one of the more recognizable. Many people refer to them as a “hot dog” because of their distinctive, elongated back. Although they are welcome as family companions and often do well in competition, they were originally bred for hunting tunneling animals, including foxes and rabbits. They can still be used for hunting small game down to this day, but most people tend to have them as a companion dog and they do quite well in that role.

Originally, the Dachshund was bred for hunting small animals and they were referred to as a badger dog. This breeding took place in Germany in the early years and they date back to the 15th century. They were used for hunting badger, foxes and, as a pack, they would also be used for trailing wild boar. The early breed varied in size and may have been up to 35 pounds but today, they tend to be much smaller.

Dachshunds tend to be a very lively dog that is courageous when it is necessary to be so. At times, that courageousness may even cause difficulties in the household, as they tend to be a one person dog, although that one person may differ, depending on who is closest to them. They also are highly intelligent and somewhat stubborn as well. If they are socialized at an early age, trained well and given at least a little bit of leeway, they can be an enjoyable and welcome part of any family.

One of the more common problems that may occur with Dachshunds can occur as a result of their elongated spine. They may have certain genetic issues, including spinal disc disease, and could easily have a problem with their spine from jumping off of furniture, moving the wrong way or with too much roughhousing. When you hold one of these dogs, it is important for you to support them properly. Some of the symptoms associated with spinal disc disease could include a loss of bladder or bowel control, which is common with this breed as well.

You’ll find that most Dachshunds are full of energy and are able to stick to any task for an extended amount of time. If you take them outdoors, they will readily play for an hour or more but they can also get plenty of activity inside of the house as well. Taking an active part in their life can help to keep them from getting bored and displaying destructive behaviors. When they are motivated properly, they can learn very quickly but it is necessary to stick to it because they tend to be a rather stubborn breed. This may show through in many different areas, including a difficulty in house training.

Dachshunds make a wonderful part of any family but it is important for you to pay close attention to their needs. This includes exercise, companionship and a dedication to ongoing training.

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