Grooming and Doggy Dental Health

Most pet owners recognize that taking care of their dog requires certain steps that may be out of their comfort zone. For some, this would include general grooming, and they may take them to a professional to care for this task. Another factor that is often skipped by many dog owners is caring for the dog’s teeth properly. If you do care for their teeth on a regular basis, they can help to prevent many problems.

One of the most obvious issues associated with ignoring your dog’s dental health is bad breath. This is a problem for many dogs and it can even be an embarrassment for the owner. What you may not realize, however, is that the bad breath is not always because you simply skip the day’s brushing. Not caring for their dental health could lead to a buildup of plaque and the possibility for cavities and rotting teeth. This is not only going to cause a problem with bad breath, it can cause serious health issues.

If you have ever suffered from a toothache, you recognize how miserable it can be. Your dog may end up with the same type of problem as a result of not caring for their dental health throughout their life. In addition, life-threatening infections could occur that not only affect their teeth, it could affect the liver, heart and kidneys as well.

Fortunately, it is not too difficult to brush a dog’s teeth and take good care of their dental health. It is a good idea, however, for you to get started when the dog is a young age. Brushing the dog’s teeth when they are a puppy helps them to get comfortable with the process and can make it easier when they grow older.

Choosing the right toothpaste is also an important factor for caring for your dog’s dental health as well. It is important for you to understand that human toothpaste should never be used on a dog. One of the primary reasons why that is the case is because your toothpaste includes fluoride; and fluoride is poisonous to canines. Most pet stores will carry quality toothpaste for dogs that can be used.

Along with a regular routine brushing of your dog’s teeth, you can also help to clean the teeth by providing them with the proper toys and the proper food. For example, if you feed your dog soft food on a regular basis, it could lead to an increased risk of tooth decay. It is always a better choice to use dry food. In addition, you can purchase chew toys and bones that will help to clean the dog’s teeth naturally. It will also help them to have healthy gums.

Even if you have not yet started to take care of your dog’s dental health, it is not too late. Begin caring for this important factor now and your dog will reap the benefits for many years to come.

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