Starting a Mobile Pet Grooming Business

Many people enjoy having pets but there are some people that absolutely love animals and they want to spend their life working with them. They may have had this desire since they were young but perhaps becoming a veterinarian was out of their reach. One of the options that you may want to consider is starting up a mobile pet grooming business. This type of service benefits many people and it gives you the opportunity to work with animals regularly.

Mobile pet grooming services are becoming more and more popular. People want to have their dogs groomed on a regular basis but they don’t necessarily want the inconvenience of having to put the dog in the car and drive them across town to the groomer. When you are set up properly, you go to the people and it provides a convenient that they will pay for.

Before you set out and start such a business, it is important to have some experience with grooming. Many people start by grooming their own pet but that isn’t going to keep you up to date on all of the different methods that may be used, depending upon the pets that you groomed. Check your local area for a pet grooming school, as they can help you in this regard. Not only do they teach you the techniques, you will have some hands-on training that can go a long way in teaching you as well.

At this point, it is time to get your equipment together. Your biggest expense is going to be the van or motorhome that is used for the grooming service. Not only will you have to buy the vehicle, you will have to equip it with an area where you can wash the dogs and a table where you can groom them. You should also pick up the grooming supplies that you need that can include clippers, brushes, scissors, combs and plenty of towels. Be sure that you use quality, professional equipment.

There may be certain restrictions on starting a mobile pet grooming business then you should check on those before you get started. This would include establishing your business with the local government and checking for any requirements as far as licensing is concerned. You should also talk to your insurance agent to see if there is any special insurance that is necessary for a pet grooming service.

At this point, you should be ready to begin and the only thing that you will need are some clients. It is now time to begin advertising your business. Start by talking to your friends and family and ask them to spread the word about your new services. You should also establish a Facebook page for your new business and post to it regularly. See if you can leave some flyers or business cards at local businesses, especially those that cater to pet owners. It may take some time but once your business gets going, you will be surprised with how quickly it grows.

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