Should You Groom Your Dog at Home?

Having a dog is truly a pleasure and keeping up on the responsibility is something that most people enjoy. One of the parts of owning certain types of dogs is grooming, and you may find that it is an ongoing process. Not only do you have to be concerned about bathing the dog, there are many dogs that require haircuts or having their nails clipped on a regular basis. If you are using a professional groomer, this can get expensive.

Because of the expense and inconvenience of taking the dog out to have them groomed on a regular basis, many pet owners have considered grooming the dog themselves. Certainly, there are many people who groomed dogs at home and some of them are quite successful at doing so. Is this something that you should consider for your own pet?

First of all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with grooming your own dog and you might be surprised with how easy it is, provided you take your time and have the right equipment available. The fact of the matter is, there isn’t a reason why you should groom your own dog and with a little practice, you may even consider yourself somewhat of a professional. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there are not going to be problems along the way and your dog may get a haircut or two that doesn’t quite look right but it is all part of the process. Consider the following when you are grooming your dog on your own.

The first thing that you will need is equipment. This is something that is going to differ from one dog to another and there are a wide variety of options available. All it takes is a trip to the local pet supply store and you will find a vast array of clippers, combs and other gadgets. For the most part, you really only need a quality pair of clippers with different guards to vary the length of the coat. You will also need a good pair of sharp scissors and different brushes, depending upon the type of dog that you have and their coat.

When you are first beginning to groom a dog at home, don’t try to do it on your own. It is a much better idea for you to have somebody there that can hold the dog and keep them calm while the grooming is taking place. As a matter of fact, even professional dog groomers will often have someone there to help them, especially when the dog is being difficult.

Not only are you going to save money when you groom a dog at home, you also have the benefit of being able to do it as often as you like. Most dogs do quite well if you groom them every two months but you may want to consider doing so on a more frequent basis, depending upon the needs. As you continue to groom your own dog, you will find that you are growing in your abilities and truly enjoying that time you get to spend with your animal.

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