How to Brush Your Dog Properly

Grooming a dog is a very important part of caring for them. Not only is this the case because of the way that they look, grooming them properly can also affect their health and well-being. Of course, there are many things that go into grooming a dog and sometimes, you may find that you are working on it for the better part of an afternoon. Other parts of grooming are actually an ongoing program that can be done during the grooming session and even on a daily basis.

One of those factors that can be done on a daily basis with most dogs is to brush them. When this is done regularly, it improves your dog’s coat, keeps their skin healthy and can reduce shedding considerably. That being said, there are many people who have a difficulty brushing their dog because they don’t understand the way that it is done. As long as you understand the basics, however, you can care for your dog’s coat like a pro.

It is important to choose the proper brush for your dog. There are many options available, including those that are good for long-haired breeds, short coat dogs and wiry breeds. Be sure that you choose the proper brush for your dog to ensure that you are doing things right.

One of the biggest problems that most pet owners run into is brushing their dog in the wrong direction. After all, brushing against the grain may seem like an effective way to remove loose hair but it can be rough on the skin. In addition, some dogs don’t like to be brushed backward and it can be irritating to them. It is always best if you brush down and out, starting from the head and working your way back toward the tail. To keep things simple, just make sure that you are always brushing in the same direction that your dog’s coat grows.

It is also important to be gentle when you are brushing a dog. You may be in a hurry, but if you rush through the process, you could damage the dog’s hair and cause irritation to the skin. Brushing your dog slowly and gently allows you to care for the process properly and to recognize any problems, such as a tangle of hair.

Some dogs are going to be brushed regularly without much of a problem but some breeds are more likely to have matting or tangles. These can cause a real problem so you need to proceed with caution when you find one. Sometimes, it may be possible to brush it out gently but if it is too much of a difficulty, you can trim it out carefully with scissors.

Most dog owners are able to care for brushing their dog on their own without any problem. If you do run into any difficulties, however, it may be best to employ the use of a professional groomer.

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