All About the Sporting Group

Dogs are often classified by their breed and most of us are familiar with many of the different breeds of dogs but they also have a broader classification, as they are often put into groups. Kennel clubs will often classify dogs in such a way to help identify them according to specific traits. That is the case with dogs that are included in the sporting group, as they also have specific traits because they are unique in their abilities.

The sporting group is recognized by many kennel clubs but it is not recognized by all of them. In addition, the dogs that are included in the sporting group may differ from one kennel club to another. In general, it is specifically tied to the oldest meaning of the word sport, and that is for hunting purposes and for use as entertainment when hunting. These dogs were often part of an elite or perhaps even a royal family.

The dogs that are listed in the sporting category were commonly used for hunting in the field. More specifically, they were used for locating, flushing and retrieving game. Not every breed of dog did each of those specific tasks, as some were bred for something very specialized. That is why some of them may be classified as either a pointer or a retriever. Since they were bred for this type of activity, they are often a very active dog that needs plenty of exercise.

Although sporting dogs were used in the field for many years and they were bred for that purpose, they are often used as companion dogs today. Many of the dogs in the sporting group have personalities that make them good for young children and with a high energy level. They may also be a good choice for families who lead an active life. That being said, some of the bigger dogs in the sporting group are perfectly happy to lie at your feet and to enjoy a day in the home. As long as you give them regular exercise, they can do quite well without having to be in the field hunting, as were their ancestors.

There is another trait of dogs that find themselves in the sporting group and it is true almost across the board. Many of these dogs are highly intelligent and it may show through in a number of different ways. At times, they may be good at troubleshooting or perhaps they can be easily trained to work in the field or perhaps even in a competition. In any case, most owners of dogs in the sporting group find them to be an intelligent breed that makes for a good family pet as well.

If you’re interested in having a dog in the sporting group, there are some things that you should keep in mind. First of all, many of these dogs will need plenty of activity, so you should plan on giving them exercise every day. One thing is certain, however, choosing one of these dogs is likely going to result in a family companion that will be loved by all.

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