All About the Toy Group

When it comes to dog breeds, they truly do come in all shapes and sizes. Some dogs are very big, such as the mastiff or the Great Dane and other dogs may be midsized and they can find their way into many homes as a family dog. Yet another group of dogs, however, falls into the toy group according to kennel clubs around the world. This particular group holds the smallest of all dog breeds.

Some groups of dog breeds will be specific to one type of dog, such as the hound group or the sporting group. The toy group, on the other hand, is a group that simply is full of smaller dogs that may come from any number of different locations and have been bred for a number of different services. In some cases, this group of dogs is broken down into smaller sections but that is not the case with all kennel clubs.

It is interesting to note that the fact a dog is known as a toy dog is really just a matter of tradition and not necessarily a specific classification. A toy dog is usually a canine that falls into one of the very smallest breeds of dogs but they can be from a number of different dog types. They may have been used for hunting, lapdogs or in some cases, they may have been ratters or some of them may even fall into a terrier group.

Toy dogs are the smallest breeds but there are even some that may be classified as a smaller breed. Inside of the toy group, you will find some dogs that are extremely small and these are usually referred to as “teacup.” It is interesting that, although many people are familiar with the term and may use it regularly to describe certain dogs, it is not something that is defined or recognized by any kennel club. Rather, all of the smaller dogs are lumped into a single group, which is usually referred to as toy but sometimes may be referred to as a companion group when they are primarily kept as pets.

One of the most common reasons why dogs were bred this small is to serve as companions, typically for royalty. Some breeds in the toy group are quite ancient and, along with being a companion that was always by your side, they may have served other purposes as well, such as ratting. They also come from other breeds of dogs that were larger at one time but eventually were bred down to a smaller size so that they could do a specific task or would be more convenient for the owner to carry around as a companion.

As is the case with many breeds of dogs, those that fall in the toy group need a specific type and amount of care. They tend to be hardheaded, so training may be difficult but they are intelligent for the most part, so it is just a matter of breaking through. One thing is certain, if you want a companion dog, choosing one from the toy breed is a choice you may find works out quite well.

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