All about the Working Group

When you look at the different groups of dogs that are recognized by kennel clubs around the world, you may sometimes have a difficulty figuring out which breeds of dogs fit into those groups. Some groups, however, are more specific and that is the case with the working dog group. As you might expect, these dogs perform specific jobs and they are bred for those purposes. Many of them are still doing what they were bred to do originally.

Although all of the breeds of dogs in the working group are bred to perform a specific task, they are quite diverse in the different things that they are designed to do. In many cases, they were bred to do jobs on a farm and some of them could even be considered “farm dogs.” They have helped people throughout the ages to perform a variety of tasks on the farm, as well as to provide companionship to the owners.

In most cases, a working dog is going to be very sturdy and they will do their job faithfully, sometimes out of instinct. At other times, this particular breed could be focused on performing a specific function but they may need to be trained in order to do so. That is why most of the breeds of dogs that are in the working group are very intelligent and most of them are willing to do anything without showing any hesitation or fear when doing so. That being said, there are also many dogs in this group that are also laid-back, easy-going and fantastic as a family pet.

Most of the dogs in the working group are larger animals, so if you plan on having them as a family companion, you will need to consider the space you have available. They may be able to fit in well in a small apartment but more than likely, they will do much better in a larger home where they can spread out and move around as is necessary. It is a consideration to keep in mind if you are looking into this breed.

One thing that any working dog is going to need is plenty of exercise. Some of them they need to have up to 60 minutes of vigorous exercise every day, something that is almost impossible for many dog owners. It would be a kindness on your part if you chose a working dog, only if you have the opportunity to provide them with the exercise they needed. In turn, they will provide you with plenty of loyal companionship and will stand guard over your property faithfully day and night.

Choosing a working dog can be of benefit, even if you don’t plan on using them for the specific purpose they were bred. They are mentally strong, secure in their own abilities and able to handle situations that come up by thinking their way out of it. As long as you train one of these animals in basic obedience and socialize them properly, you can have an excellent pet for you and your family.

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