How to Use Dog Clippers

Many pet owners have decided to begin grooming their own dog. There may be an initial output of money as far as buying the equipment is concerned but, considering the price of professional dog grooming, it is something that most people find to be quite beneficial. Once you begin grooming your own dog, you may even find that you enjoy the time that you get to spend together. The more practice you get, the more professional the results.

Most people are able to bathe the dog without any problem and they may brush their dog on a regular basis, even if they take them to a professional groomer. One of the nice things about grooming a dog at home is the fact that you don’t really need all that many tools in order to get started. What you do need, however, is a nice set of clippers.

This is where many dog owners tend to show some concern over their abilities to groom their own dog. Even though they may be able to do the basics, using clippers is something quite different. After all, when you cut your dog’s hair, it seems to be something that is so permanent but in reality, it does go back out again. That is why practice is one of the most important factors, and your dog will give you plenty of practice over the next few months.

One important factor to consider is the quality of the clippers that you use. There are some cheap clippers on the market, and it may be tempting to buy them and save a little bit of money. Keep in mind, however, that you are going to save money every time you trim your dog and even a professional set of clippers is going to pay for itself quite quickly. Buy a quality set of clippers that is relatively quiet and contains all of the attachments necessary for a proper grooming.

Prior to the time that you begin grooming your dog, be sure to bathe them and give them a good brushing. This helps to remove many of the tangles that would otherwise make it difficult for you to groom them properly. You can then begin using the clippers, being sure to go slow so that you don’t leave lines or catch any quick snags.

Always groom with the growth of the hair and not against it. If you groom against it, the grooming lines are going to show and it is also hard on the clippers, as they will have to work to keep up with the extra hair. You should also work to keep your dog calm and if necessary, have somebody there with you to console the dog while they are getting trimmed.

The first time or two that you trim your dog’s hair, it may not turn out exactly as you would like. The best thing that you can do when that happens is to laugh at the mistake and realize that it will grow out again. It won’t take long before you have the hang of it and you are clipping them like a pro.

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