Choose a Brush That Is Right for Your Dog

There are many parts of grooming an animal that people can do at home. This includes giving them a bath, trimming their hair and taking good care of their nails and teeth. It is also important to consider the day-to-day grooming that takes place as well. This would inevitably include brushing the dog, which is something that can be done daily or weekly, depending upon your dog’s coat.

Brushing the dog has many benefits, both to the animal and to the owners. One of the primary benefits is that it removes any loose hair, so you are limiting how much shedding they are going to do in the house. It is also a good bonding time for the pet and the owner and many dogs appreciate the attention that they get during a brushing session. Brushing the dog also helps to spread the natural oils on the coat to keep it healthy and it limits how much matting or tangling takes place in longer hair dogs.

Although brushing your dog is a fairly straightforward process, it is still something that requires some careful consideration. After all, when you go to the pet store to pick out a brush for your dog, you will see that there are many different types available. Picking the right brush or comb can go a long way in helping to keep your dog’s coat healthy. It will also make things a lot easier for both you and them. Here are a few considerations according to the type of coat your dog may have:

Short Hair – If your dog has a short, slick coat, they will likely do better with an all natural bristle brush. You might also enjoy using an inexpensive brush made out of rubber, as they work quite well on dogs with short hair.

Long Hair – When you have a dog with long hair, you will find that brushes with steel pins or a wire slicker are the better choices. They can work their way through the hair easier and it helps to detangle any snags that you may come across.

Wavy Fur – For dogs with a single coat or double coat wavy fur, such as a German shepherd or Labrador retriever, a shedding tool is perhaps the best option. You can also use a wire slicker or a steel comb as well. These dogs tend to shed a lot, so having a quality brush and grooming them regularly is a good idea.

Curly Coat – Although these dogs don’t shed as often as other dogs, it is still a good idea to brush them regularly. A wire slicker brush may be the best option for this dog coat.

Brushing your dog regularly, perhaps even daily, provides the benefits that you desire. It keeps your dog’s coat healthy and keeps your home relatively fur free.

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