Pro Tips from Dog Groomers

Many dog owners tend to use professional dog grooming services. They may do so, feeling as if they are not able to care for the needs of their pet in a proper way. In reality, a little bit of practice and the right tools can go a long way in helping you to groom your own pet at home. As you get some experience in working with your pet, you may even feel like a professional. The following tips from dog grooming professionals can also help you to get started on the right foot.

Don’t Skimp on Bathing – One of the problems that many pet owners have is that they don’t bathe their dogs properly prior to the time that they groom them. You need to make sure that the dog is absolutely clean before the grooming process starts. This includes some of the more sensitive areas, such as the face and the ears. During the time that you are cleaning them is the best time for you to handle those more sensitive areas.

Along with ensuring that they are bathed properly, you also need to ensure that they are rinsed properly as well. Don’t simply be satisfied with rinsing the dog off and calling it a day. Be sure that you are rinsing the coat of the dog the whole way down to the skin. Any shampoo that is left on the dog will potentially become an irritant and could make it seem as if the dog wasn’t cleaned properly.

Routine – This is a Pro tip that is often overlooked, but it is very important for both the groomer and the dog. Having a routine from the moment the dog goes into the grooming station helps to alleviate stress and makes it more likely for you to do a professional job.

Tools – regardless of whether you are talking about grooming a dog or building a house, having the right tools for the job is imperative. Don’t try to save money by buying inferior clippers or brushes. Spend a little bit more and get the professional grade options. It will work better for you now and they will continue to work for you for the long term.

Touchup – If you are grooming your own dog at home, it isn’t necessary for you to wait the entire time until they are ready for the next full grooming. They may have problem areas that need some attention periodically. Touching up those areas can make it much easier for you to do the full grooming.

Be Kind – A kind word and gentle voice when working with the dog can go a long way in helping to alleviate any anxiety they may be experiencing. Even if problem should happen to occur, be sure to remain calm so they don’t pick up on your anxiety and display some anxiousness of their own.

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