How to Give Your Dog a Bath

Ask any dog owner and they will tell you, there is more to caring for a dog than feeding them on a daily basis and giving them a place to sleep. They have a variety of needs and one of those needs is ensuring that the dog is clean. This would require that from time to time, you give the dog a bath. This article helps you to do so in the proper way.

The first thing you will need to do is gather the necessary supplies. Start with the proper dog shampoo; not the shampoo that you use for your own hair. You should also have plenty of towels available for drying the dog and for on the floor. A rubber mat inside the tub can help to keep the dog from slipping and cotton balls can be used around the eyes and on the edges of the ears. You may also find that using a brush helps to get the dog clean.

Prior to the time that you bathe the dog, it’s important to find out how frequently they should get a bath. Dogs have natural oils on their skin and when you bathe them too frequently, you can remove the oil and may cause problems. You may feel as if you are doing your dog and your family a favor by cleaning them frequently but it may end up irritating their skin and causing scratching or perhaps hotspots.

Your dog should be gently brushed prior to the time that they get a bath to remove any hair and knots that may exist. If there are any mats, they should be clipped out carefully. At that point, you can fill the tub with approximately 6 inches of lukewarm water. If your dog has a problem with water, it may be necessary to deal with them with a gentle hand. A little coaxing may be needed and a soothing voice helps as well.

Wet the dog down with a bucket full of water or with a handheld shower nozzle. Be careful not to get too much water in their ears and point there head downward to keep the water from getting in their nose. You can then begin to work the shampoo into their fur. Don’t squirt the shampoo directly on them, put it in your hands, work up a lather and then begin working on cleaning them.

After rinsing the dog’s fur thoroughly with lukewarm water, it’s time to dry them. One of the problems that many pet owners have when bathing a dog at home is that the dog will want to shake after getting a bath. You can stop this from happening by immediately putting the towel over their back. If they do shake, which is unlikely, it will go into the towel rather than over the rest of the bathroom.

Dry the dog thoroughly with a towel and then keep them in a warm area until they dry completely. It is best to allow the dog to dry naturally, because the heat from a hairdryer may dry their skin.

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