All About the Hound Group

One of the more loyal and affectionate breeds of dogs is the hound, and many of these dogs are classified within the hound group. The majority of them share certain ancestral traits, including a keen nose that may be able to smell something at an incredible distance. In addition, the vast majority of them were used for hunting and today, they still are very popular for use in the field as well.

One of the unique things about many of the dogs in the hound group is that they have a distinctive sound that they make, known as baying. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular sound, it only takes a little bit of time around a Beagle and you will be familiar with it intimately. You can look up information about beagles when they are tracking a rabbit and you will hear the sound that they make, which is unlike anything that other dogs make.

There are many different types of dogs that are used for various purposes and each of them may have a specific task that they do. Some dogs will point a bird, causing it to freeze in position until it is flushed by the hunter. Other dogs may be retrievers, and they will readily retrieve game on both land and in the water. Hound breeds, however, are some of the original hunting dogs and they use their incredible ability to track an animal, typically through smell or by sight.

Some dogs in the hound group will follow their prey naturally at incredible speeds, but they do so by keeping the animal in sight at all times. Some of the common types of game that are pursued by these site hounds include the hair, Fox, elk and deer. Scent hounds, on the other hand, track the scent of an animal (or a person). They are able to detect even the slightest scent that may be left behind, allowing them to follow a trail that is otherwise invisible. There are also certain dogs that use both sight and scent, so they are not classified in either way.

Most of the dogs in the hound group can make a very loyal and welcome companion to the home. That being said, they do need a considerable amount of exercise and you may find that they are wearing you out before they become worn out. Hound dogs also tend to want to roam, so it is necessary to have them either in a confined space or on a lead if you are out and about. Typically, they don’t need much of an opening to take off and once they are gone, it may be quite some time before they are done running and return again.

Each of the different dogs in the hound group has their own type of personality. Many of them, however, make a very loyal and lovable house pet. As long as you choose a dog that is right for your needs, you may find that it is one of the best choices you ever made.

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