What Dogs Are Good With Kids?

Many of us are interested in extending our family but we aren’t necessarily interested in doing so by having more children. We often look to extend our family by adding a dog to it, and when you make the right choice, it can really work well for everyone involved. Of course, if you already have small children, it is important to choose a family-friendly dog. Not only will it help you to be comfortable with having the dog around, it will help your children to grow up in a household that appreciates canines as well.

Many different things need to be considered when you are looking for a family-friendly dog. For the most part, however, you can often choose such an animal according to its breed. Yes, a mixed breed or pound puppy can be a welcome part of a larger family but in some cases, you may be looking for a specific breed with a certain personality.

The temperament of the dog is perhaps one of the more important things to consider. They should be relatively calm and have the ability to bond with the children at any age. Size is also a consideration, but both large and small dogs can work well in the home. One thing to consider if you have very small children, however, is that larger dogs tend to be calm in comparison to smaller dogs. You may also want to choose a dog with an energy level that is appropriate for your family. Depending upon your lifestyle, exercising the dog and meeting their needs can be a challenge.

Prior to the time that you choose an animal, it is always good to ask questions of either the shelter worker or the breeder. This would include how safe the particular dog is for the family, their energy level, the age of the dog and how much care is going to be required on an ongoing basis. It is important to understand, however, that not everybody is going to give you an honest answer. Doing your own research into that particular breed can also go a long way in helping you to make a wise decision.

Another consideration is if you have other pets in the home. Some dogs may inherently get along with children but they don’t necessarily get along with other animals. Socializing the new dog is important in this regard.

Some of the more family-friendly dog breeds include the beagle, collie, poodle, Labrador retriever, Golden retriever, Irish setter, bull terrier and bulldog. More than likely, you will find a family-friendly dog in one of these breeds. That being said, there are always going to be differences in personality from one specific dog to another.

Having a dog in your home when you have small children can benefit everyone. Choosing the right dog, however, can go a long way in helping you to be comfortable and happy with the decision.

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