Stop Your Dog from Running Away

There are many benefits to owning a dog including the fact that you have a companion that will be on your side through thick and thin. The problem is that there are times when the dog may have other ideas rather than sticking around by your side. Some dogs just want to run away and any opportunity they get to bolt out of the door or run out of the gate, they will take with great joy.

Having a dog that runs away is not only frustrating; it is also very dangerous for the dog as well. They may enjoy their run around the neighborhood but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are always safe while running. Therefore, it is important to teach your dog to stop running away. It is important for the safety of your dog and for your own sanity as well.

First of all, one of the factors that really need to be considered is how your dog is getting out so that they are running away. If there are holes in the fence or if it is easy for them to get around any security barriers you have in place, you may need to update those factors. You may also want to consider the possibility of an electronic fence. When properly trained, your dog will not bolt out of the fence but those fences do not stop other dogs and animals from coming onto the property.

Now that we have the obvious out-of-the-way, we can look into the possibility of training the dog to stop running away. First of all, it is important for you to analyze why your dog may be running and see if you can do something about it. Some dogs just naturally want to roam, such as a hound dog, so some extra exercise and a regular walk may do the trick. Socializing the dog or proper obedience training may help as well.

Another factor to consider is if your dog feels comfortable and safe when he is at home. Some dogs tend to run for that very reason, because they want to explore what else is out there and they seem to be unsatisfied with what we provide. In some cases, your dog may be more likely to stick around if you bond with them over a nice game of fetch, take them for regular walks in the park and provide a comfortable, safe place for them to live.

Finally, consider some of the options for obedience training that may keep your dog from bolting when they get the opportunity. When a dog knows how to sit and stay or if they understand the wait command and follow it without exception, you can use it to your advantage.

It can be frustrating when your dog wants to run away but with some training sessions, it may be possible to stop it. Nobody said that it is going to be easy to do so, but if you’re up for the challenge, you may just be able to overcome it.

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