Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People

Having a dog in the home can be quite a treat but sometimes, there may be some challenges to having a dog as well. For many families, that challenge comes in the way of having the dog jump up, both on family members and on anyone else that happens to come through the door. This can be a real problem, but it isn’t one that is impossible to correct. With the right methods, you can see some movement in the right direction.

Some people really don’t think much about a dog that jumps up on them. For example, when you have company and they are getting ready to leave, your dog may jump up and down on your leg in order to make sure that you don’t forget about them and leave them behind. One of the real problems is when they jump up on people when they come in.

Big or small, this can be a difficulty that is inconvenient and at times, a little bit embarrassing. It isn’t without explanation, however, although nobody is really sure exactly why they jump up on people. It is thought that it has to do with the way that they greet other dogs by rubbing their muzzle. Dogs are at a much lower level than most humans so it might be a natural reaction for them to want to jump up and try to get in your face, so to speak.

Correcting the problem is going to require some consistency on your part. Many people are inconsistent with their efforts and this can lead to frustration and perhaps even some backsliding. You also need to try to use methods that are not going to result in harm to the dog. For big dogs, putting your knee in their chest when they jump up on you may not be the best idea and you certainly wouldn’t want to use a shock collar. That being said, teaching them how to greet properly is the best way to keep the improper greetings from showing up.

It often starts with some basic obedience training, something that most dogs have in abundance. More than likely, you have taught your dog the commands of how to sit, lie down or stay. What many people don’t do, however, is reinforce those commands so that they are obeyed without question. Many dogs will readily get up when they are distracted, even if they are told to stay.

Training the dog to understand and obey these commands, even when there is a distraction, is important if you want to keep them from jumping. When somebody is at the door, simply put the dog on a sit stay and have them stay in that position until the excitement of company is over. The same thing can also be done when people get up to leave. It may seem like a simplistic solution but it is one that works quite well.

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