10 Tips for Training Your Dog

If you are interested in training your dog, you are ready to take a step into a much better life. It is something that is going to benefit both you and your dog, bringing you closer together and allowing you to work with each other on an ongoing basis. Prior to the time that you get started, it’s important for you to consider some of the following tips that will allow you to train your dog successfully.

1. Use their name – One of the most important things to consider is the name of your dog. You should choose it with training in mind and when you use the name, always try to use it in a positive way. If it is necessary to correct the dog for one reason or another, do it with a stern “No”, rather than mentioning their name. They will be more likely to listen when you use it.

2. Rules – It is also very important to establish some rules for your dog and then to follow them to the letter. Any inconsistency on your part is going to be disastrous as far as the training is concerned. These rules can include anything from whether or not they can get up on the furniture to how they react when somebody comes in the door.

3. Relaxation – when you first bring a puppy home, it is important to help them to relax and work their way into their new environment. It can be very stressful to suddenly find yourself in someone else’s home, especially considering the fact that they were taken away from their litter. Do what you can to help your dog relax.

4. Recall – The “come” command is a very important part of obedience training. It is perhaps even more important than teaching a dog to sit or stay. You will find that you are using this command and when your dog is obedient at doing it, it is really a treat.

5. Personal space – every dog needs a little bit of space that they can call their own. In some cases, you may want to try crate training a dog to provide that space. In others, it may just be a soft bed in a corner.

6. Jumping – Most dogs will readily jump up when they are greeting you or even when you are saying goodbye. This is unacceptable behavior and it is something that should be corrected through obedience training.

7. Rewards – when your dog does something good, be sure you reward it. You don’t always need to use treats but any type of positive reinforcement is beneficial.

8. No biting – puppies love to bite but it is something that should be discouraged from the moment that they come home. Be consistent with this effort.

9. Be positive – when you are training a dog, be sure that you do so with a positive view. Dogs do not train as well when you use negative emotions.

10. Consistency – if there is one thing that is important above all else, it is to be consistent in your training efforts. Being consistent helps to reinforce what you’re teaching the dog and keeps them from getting frustrated.

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