Dog Bite – What to Do When Your Dog Gets Bit

Most of us like to socialize our dogs in some way or another. We may occasionally take them for a special treat to the dog park and allow them to run around with their canine friends. Unfortunately, not all dogs that go to the dog park are going to show the proper manners. In fact, there may be times when one or more of the dogs get aggressive and unfortunately, a dog bite may take place.

Dog bites often occur so quickly that there isn’t time to react and prevent the situation. Some dogs don’t even give much if any warning before they will bite another dog. When it happens to your dog, the most important thing for you to do is to remain calm. Your dog is going to sense the stress that you are feeling and it can escalate the situation.

Once the situation has been neutralized, which may include the other dog owner, the situation needs to be assessed. It can be difficult to tell exactly what has taken place. You may see that there is a scratch or a puncture wound on the dog but it is impossible to tell everything that has taken place, especially if they have a lot of fur. There are also different issues that could be a problem that you may not recognize. This would include extensive internal damage underneath the tissue and the possibility for bacteria having entered the area and leading to an infection.

If the dog is bleeding, it’s important to slow down the process and stop it if at all possible. This can be a problem on some parts of the dog, such as the ears, that tend to bleed more profusely than if they got bit in another area. Applying pressure to the wound is an important part of the process. You would then want to ensure that you take the dog to the veterinarian where a further analysis and additional treatment options may be necessary.

The veterinarian may need to shave the area where the bite occurred in order to examine it further. Stitches might be necessary in some cases and the doctor may apply an antibiotic ointment to help reduce the possibility for infection. The veterinarian will also provide you with additional instructions on how you can care for the dog at home in the best way possible.

If you take your dog to a dog park or to other places where strange dogs congregate, there will be times when problems occur. It is not always going to result in a dog fight but you do need to be prepared for the possibility. Sometimes, taking the appropriate action and keeping a close eye on the dogs will go a long way in helping to prevent the problem. If it does occur, however, be sure that your dog gets the proper care right away.

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