Make Grooming Fun for Both of You

There are many dogs who are very good for the groomer and they may be a pleasure to groom at home. Others, however, may be somewhat difficult to groom and they could pose a problem, anytime you get them on the table. In fact, there are many videos online that show just how difficult a dog can be when it comes to getting a bath. That is why it is important to ensure that grooming is fun for both the dog and for the pet owner.

One important thing to keep in mind, especially if your dog has a problem with grooming already is to keep the grooming sessions as short as possible. This would require that you groom the dog more often to keep the hair from getting too long or to keep it from getting so dirty that it takes an extensive amount of time to wash them. If you can keep the grooming session to less than 10 minutes, it is likely that the dog is going to find it easier to get on the table.

You should also consider the feedback that you are giving to the animal. Dogs respond well to positive feedback, so it is important to continue to give the dog complements during the time that you are grooming them. When you praise an animal in such a way, it is likely that they will find it easier to be groomed.

Some dogs do well when they are given a treat during the grooming session as well. This can come in the form of some type of dog treat, such as a biscuit, but it may be better if you consider getting your dog a chew toy that they have access to, only during the time that they are being groomed. Try to choose something that they really love and break it out when they are about to be groomed. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you give them some biscuits and a chew toy, just for good measure.

Finally, consider that it is not necessary to wait until a dog has a problem with grooming to make grooming enjoyable. From the time that they are a very young puppy, make sure that they are accustomed to being handled frequently. This is especially true when it comes to their paws. Trimming a dog’s nails can be difficult but if you get them accustomed to the sensation of having their paws touched, it makes it a lot easier.

If you do these few things, you will likely find that your dog is having a better time while they are on the grooming table. You will also notice that you are having a better time as well.

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